"Free to a Good Home" Art Print

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"Like all artists, I have a tendency to draw what is going on in my life. In summer of 2017, I was going through testing to become a kidney donor, which led to a series of drawings of transplantable organs. The series began with a kidney (of course) and eventually expanded to include the heart, lungs, and liver as well." - Bethany

"Sinistro Reni", by the way, is Latin for "Left Kidney." Did you know that living donors most often give the left kidney? It is more accessible than the right one, which is located under the liver.

This art print is part of our Please Recycle collection. 10% of the profit from this product goes to support the Children's Organ Transplant Association in honor of Team Matthew D. Your purchase helps pay the hospital bills from Matthew's kidney transplant and ensures that he will always have access to the anti-rejection medications that keep him healthy!

This 12"X16" art print comes framed or unframed on archival, acid-free, matte paper.